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Mindful Movement for Health, Longevity and Inner Peace

Private Lessons and Community Classes in the Foundations of Tai Chi. 

Intro Classes offered on 1st Fridays of every month. Register Here 

Curriculum Includes:​

Tai Chi Walking Meditation

Tai Chi 13 Basic Postures

Tai Chi Principles and Philosophy

What is Tai Chi? Tai Chi (or in Chinese "Tàijí" 太极) is a martial art, whose gentle flowing movements can be practiced as a Moving Meditation.  Regular practice trains us to remain calm and centered - even while moving about.  At Portland Community Tai Chi, we teach the foundational movements and principles of Tai Chi.  These principles can be applied to improve posture and energy flow while sitting, standing and/or doing any other form of exercise such as yoga or walking.  In fact, Danny Dreyer recently applied the concepts of Tai Chi to running ("chi running") - which has allowed people who stopped running to continue into old age!

Benefits of regular tai chi practice include improvement of Posture, Emotional and Physical Well-Being, Increased Energy and Strength, Better Self-Image, Stress and Anxiety Reduction.  Research has demonstrated Tai Chi's power in improving quality of life in cancer recovery & in those with chronic diseases such as Arthritis, Parkinson's & Osteoporosis.  Tai Chi, originally a martial art - is now practiced for a variety of reasons: Health, Dance Performance, & Spiritual Development.  While Portland Community Tai Chi focuses 
on the Health aspects of Tai Chi, the Martial and Spiritual aspects are touched on according to interest.

About the Instructor

Since the age of 16, Motoyuki has been studying and teaching Tai Chi and Daoist Philosophy.  What began as a casual interest has evolved into a daily practice that has transformed him from the inside out.  After studying with various teachers across the Globe, Motoyuki has distilled their teachings into a simple set of movements that everyone can learn.  By focusing on Quality over Quantity, Students are able to master the dynamics of Tai Chi's most important movements.  This gives the student more opportunity to focus on his or her internal experience, while practicing the principles of Tai Chi.  This is in contrast to the common practice of teaching people so many movements that it becomes easy to forget about the Internal Awareness and Observation that makes Tai Chi so Uniquely Nourishing.

Certification: Zen Wellness, Phoenix AZ, 2015.  Taiji Black Belt Certification, 200-Hour Qigong Teaching Certification.

Teachers: David Block, Lineage Holder Tung Style Taiji; Pikshan Ko (Zhan Zhuang Standing Meditation); Martin Haase (Chen Style Taiji, Lineage Holder), Master Instructors Michael J. Leone, Jason Campbell and Alan Venable (5-Element Medical Qi Gong, Tai Chi 108 Long Form and Weapons Forms, Bagua Zhang Fundamentals, Spiritual Transmissions, Daoist Philosophy)

Teaching Experiences: Midwestern University (Phoenix AZ), Camelback High School (Phoenix AZ), Vision Fulfillment Academy (Phoenix AZ), Chinese Language Institute (Guilin, China), National University of Natural Medicine (Portland, OR), Personal Mentorships

Motoyuki is currently earning a doctoral degree in Classical Chinese Medicine at the National University of Natural Medicine.  On the side, he operates a YouTube channel featuring his own compositions - usually gentle, invigorating music inspired by the tone systems of Chinese Medicine.


Upcoming Events

  • Fri, May 01
    National University of Natural Medicine
    May 01, 2020, 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM
    National University of Natural Medicine, 049 SW Porter St Portland, , OR 97201, USA. Academic Building Rm # 305
    The best way to end the week - with Tai Chi!
  • Fri, Apr 10
    National University of Natural Medicine
    Apr 10, 2020, 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM
    National University of Natural Medicine, 049 SW Porter St Portland, , OR 97201, USA. Academic Building Rm # 305
    The best way to end the week - with Tai Chi!

"The highest virtue is like water, ceaselessly flowing around obstacles on the way to its destination."

Lao Zi



Portland, OR



1.  Taiji Destiny Training Grounds, Changsha China   2.  Glacier Bottom Tai Chi 
3.  Boat-Top Tai Chi   4. Posing on Wudang Mountain, China   5. Teaching Taiji Class at Chinese Learning Institute   6. Receiving Qi Gong Teaching Cert. and Taiji Black Belt


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