Learn at your Own Pace, Focus on your Area of Interest, Grow in the Way that's Right for You

While there are plenty of amazing Tai Chi studios in Portland, few offer an opportunity to learn the basics in a concise and clear format.  For some, the community environment of a studio  is a perfect fit.  For others, the group learning environment makes it more difficult to connect with themselves and their inner wisdom.  At Portland Community Tai Chi, we offer private lessons for individuals and for small groups.  This can be a great chance to learn the basics of Tai Chi in a safe environment - whether you move on to a studio - or take the knowledge and make it your own.  Although we focus on making the fundamentals strong so that you can go out and practice with anyone - for students that wish to take the learning a bit farther, we are able to teach some of the longer Tai Chi forms.

Curriculum Includes Tai Chi 13, Tai Chi 24, Tai Chi 108, Tai Chi Sword, Tai Chi Broadsword; with a focus on embodying Tai Chi's principles in movement.  


Private Lessons Offer Opportunity for more Precise and Accelerated Growth, Fine-Tuned Postural Adjustment, and Exploration of Deeper Principles

Lesson Prices are contingent on location, driving distance and time. In general, a single 1 hr private lesson costs $60.  If it is a group of 2 or more, the lesson will cost $90/hour. I am always available to meet outdoors at an agreed upon location - rain or shine.  Indoor space may be available for free. However, if it is not available, room rental fees will be included in the lesson price (usually an additional $30/hr).  We are able to make home visits; though lesson prices will be adjusted slightly to accommodate for driving time and distance.  Upon meeting for the first time, we can establish a reasonable set of goals and training schedule, based on the budget available for tai chi training.

Just remember, nothing is more valuable than your health!



Individuals Price

One 60 Minute Lesson: $40

One 90 Minute Lesson: $55

Four 60 Minute Lessons: $150

Four 90 Minute Lessons: $200

Groups Price 

One 60 Minute Lesson: $60

Four 60 Minute Lessons: $220

One 90 Minute Lesson: $80

Four 90 Minute Lessons: $280

*For Larger Packages, additional discounts may be arranged.

*Groups are considered up to 5 students.  For larger groups, additional fees will apply.  Send us an e-mail to coordinate. 



Tai Chi Lessons are typically held on Fridays from 6 -7 PM or 7:30 PM.  If this time does not work for you, we may be able to accommodate your scheduling needs.  E-mail tmprag@gmail.com in order to schedule your first private lesson.


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